In Which Cooks Source's Editor Is So Appalling, We Mistook Her For a Fake [Updated]


First there was the fake Facebook page, and now it looks as though hackers, displeased with Cooks Source's propensity for plagiarizing, have broken into the magazine's website and written a fake apology by much-maligned editor Judith Griggs. With Cooks Source, it's hard to tell what's genuinely misguided Internet behavior and what's the work of Internet trolls. But it strikes just the right note of oblivious self-pity, don't you think?

"But one night when working yet another 12 hour day late into the night, I was short one article ... Instead of picking up one of the multitude of books sent to me and typing it, I got lazy and went to the www and "found" something. Bleary-eyed I didnt notice it was copy written and reordered some of it. I did keep the author's name on it rather than outright "stealing" it, and it was my intention to contact the author, but I simply forgot, between proofreading, deliveries, exhaustion.

[Cooks Source]

Update: Sources like TechCrunch are treating the Griggs' apology as genuine. But based on the tenor of the official apology last week, which has since been deleted from the site, as well as the lack of context of the new note, lack of mention of the official apology and the policy changes mentioned therein, numerous spelling and grammatical errors, and lines like "I got lazy and went to the www . . ." make us think Cooks Source has been hacked again.

Update: The Daily Hampshire Gazette quotes Judith Griggs, who says she wrote the statement and will leave it up for a few a days before eliminating the website altogether. But the site is already down. If you want to read the entire appalling and not at all fake (our bad!) apology, it's up on LiveJournal. Thanks to commenter @KKASPER who directed our attention to the article.