Eighties Appliance Billionaire Lists Mansion That Resembles Eighties Appliance


When Conair and Cuisinart owner Leandro Rizzuto bought this beachside mansion for $2 million in Greenwich in 1986, “money was no object,” he tells the Journal. He kitted out the foyer with a marble “waterfall” wall, installed mirrored ceilings in the gym, and designed a media room with fake-book paneling on the walls (like in Clue!) and a viewing screen that descends from the ceiling in a manner that could only be described as “state of the art.” But although it looks like he hasn’t changed a thing since then, Rizzuto has now listed the property for $19 million.

Here’s a shot of the hallway as it is currently:

Maybe the markup is because the waterfall takes you back to the eighties? I mean, literally?

Greenwich Deep-Water Estate Sotheby’s via WSJ]