Alexa Ray Joel Still Struggles


You may or may not have known that today is the one-year anniversary of the time Alexa Ray Joel took eight doses of Traumeel, a mood and muscle relaxer homeopathic pain reliever, and was hospitalized, but the Post commemorated this anniversary with a cover story on the singer and “heartbreak-related depression” advocate. (“I have a flair for the dramatic,” Joel explains now, of her suicide attempt.) She says a Nolita apartment, nose job, and upcoming album have helped her recover over the past year, but there may still be some familial tensions afoot. When asked what her parents, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, thought of the thirtysomething boyfriend who drove her to suicide, she explained that her mom, “the cool, hip mom … didn’t mind” Joel’s older boyfriend. But now that Joel is modeling (for the shampoo Prell) like her mother, the five-foot-two brunette adds: “I can’t compare to my mother in the modeling department. She reminds me of Grace Kelly.” As for dad’s thoughts on her older ex, she said: “My dad can’t really talk; he always dates younger women.” Ah, well, hang in there.

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