Sexy Spy Anna Chapman Presented With Herring on Russian TV


She may not have accomplished any actual espionage, but sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman is still riding a wave of fame in her homeland. Chapman made her first major public appearance since being deported from New York this past summer today, on Russian talk show Let Them Speak. “She is without exaggeration the woman of the year,” the host gushed, according to the Times, which reports that Chapman discussed missing New York and her burgeoning acting career while home movies of her reciting poetry in school and practicing ballet were shown. Then she was presented with gifts that could potentially sicken and kill her.

According to the Times, after Chapman quipped that she wanted a pet lion cub, the host “summoned a handler from backstage who presented her with one.” (Handler included?) And!

Great. No wonder she misses New York.

Suspected Spy Takes Star Turn on Russian TV [NYT]