Bloomberg Denies Presidential Run, Gives Most Obvious Stump Speech Ever (Updated)


CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric interviewed Mayor Bloomberg on jobs creation on Wednesday night, and by that we all mean she interviewed him on whether or not he’ll run for president in 2012. He answered that easily. “I’m not going to run for president. Period. End of story.”

But if he were running for president, he probably would have unleashed a media barrage and given a speech to business leaders in which he blasted Republicans and Democrats, highlighted the need for a third party, and unveiled a bumper-sticker-ready campaign slogan. Which is exactly what he did.

When did success become a bad word in America?” the mayor said in a speech to business leaders at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The Times reported that while Bloomberg has repeatedly denied a White House run, the speech and next week’s planned unveiling of a anti-partisan-gridlock group called No Labels “suggested that he is determined to harness the news media spotlight and influence the political discourse in the run-up to that election.”

The Post:

Bloomberg told Couric:

And also:

But not me, you guys. What gives you that idea?


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