International Hunt for Julian Assange Stalls Over Faulty Paperwork


With Interpol calling for all nations to detain him on Swedish rape charges, and the intelligence services of multiple countries likely itching to give him the old Bulgarian umbrella treatment, Julian Assange has every incentive to disappear on an obscure tropical island somewhere, at least until he can arrange for a full face transplant. Instead, he’s reportedly awaiting his fate in southeast England, his phone number and exact location known to British police because he provided them with the information when he entered the country in October. Not exactly the actions of a rogue fugitive hiding in the shadows. So why hasn’t he been arrested? “It is not a properly certified warrant so we can’t act on it,” a British police source tells the Times of London. Swedish police said today that they’ll issue a new warrant to fix the offending procedural error. This part will probably not make it into the movie.

British police know Assange location, says lawyer [AFP via Google]
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