Hundreds Stuck on Broken Chairlift, Says CNN Reporter Who’s Stuck There, Too


Hundreds of skiiers are trapped on a broken chair lift at Sugarloaf Ski Resort in Maine, according to CNN employee Robb Atkinson, who is currently trapped on the ski lift along with them. Atkinson said several people fell from the lift when it came to an abrupt stop during high winds, and a few chairs fell to the ground. A rescue mission is under way, though it could still take up to an hour and a half to evacuate everyone from the dangling chairs. “They’re really moving quite quickly getting everybody off this lift,” Atkinson said. The CNN reporter’s story comes on the heels of today’s report about a broken subway from Daily News writer Erin Durkin, who was one of hundreds of passengers trapped on that train during the blizzard on Sunday. It’s like the weather is intentionally targeting journalists now. [CNN, Yahoo]