Charlie Sheen Lives to See Another Day


In October, after Charlie Sheen’s bender at the Plaza Hotel, the actor’s friend told the press, point-blank: “Charlie Sheen is going to die this week.” It didn’t happen, but a Twitter rumor that Sheen had been killed made the rounds last weekend, before his ex-wife Denise Richards put that one to rest, too. So how does Sheen feel about the public obsession with his mortality? “When I heard on the news that I had died the other day, I quickly ran to my PC and checked the ratings for my show,” he said Thursday. “[I thought,] ‘That’s odd.’ All the numbers appeared solid, perhaps even up a bit. You can only imagine my relief when I discovered shortly afterward that they were referring to my actual literal death. That I can survive.” Wow, a steady diet of hookers and drugs, and yet the man sounds more alive than ever. [People]