City Councilman Proposes Common Sense Parking Ideas That Will Probably Never Happen


Finding a parking spot in the city can be hard enough without having to worry about whether you’re too close to a fire hydrant. So earlier this month, Brooklyn city councilman David Greenfield proposed that the city clearly mark the no-parking zone around every hydrant by painting the curb red, which seems like something that should have been done about 100 years ago. Greenfield also wants the no-parking distance shortened to ten feet from its current fifteen feet, since it’s not like fire trucks are parallel parking in there during an emergency anyway. Not only would these proposals create a windfall of new parking spaces, but they would also spare drivers from an untold number of tickets both questionable and justified … which is exactly why we never expect them to pass.

Paint the town red! Councilman wants new hydrant markings [Brooklyn Paper]