Cory Booker Will Personally Respond to Your Snowed-In Cries for Help


Take that, Mayor Bloomberg, with your 311 number and your moderately successful snowplow choreography. Cory Booker is taking on the 2010 Tsnownami like a real man. Newark residents tweeting about their snow-related troubles are receiving direct replies from their mayor, who appears to be sending out workers and driving around shoveling people out himself. “Please DM me your phone number,” he told one tweeter, who claimed to be stuck in his car at an intersection. “I will dig you out. Where are you?” he promised a woman who needed to make it to a medical procedure. One tweeter asked how Booker’s back was doing this morning. “Thanks 4 asking, back killing me,” Booker cheerily responded. “Breakfast: Advil and diet coke.” How did he hurt his back? By lifting that Newark resident’s car out of the snow. Now that is a picture that can make a man’s political future — even more than, say, one of him laughing and looking upward covered in a pile of joyful children.

[Cory Booker/Twitter]