Divorce Lawyers Can Thank Mark Zuckerberg for His ‘Portal to Infidelity’


Eva Longoria isn’t the only one using Facebook as evidence against a cheating spouse. According to a new survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 80 percent of divorce lawyers reported a spike in leveraging social media as proof of infidelity. Sixty-six percent cited Facebook indiscretions as the primary evidence in a divorce case with MySpace following at 15 percent, and Twitter at just 5 percent. Probably because it’s hard to figure out the logistics of an illicit rendezvous in 140 characters — not to mention the chance of accidentally posting a DM on your Twitter feed: @highschoolgirlfriend >>> @wife. LOL. Facebook’s toll on the institution of marriage is no surprise to Cedric Miller of the Living World Christian Fellowship Church, who called it a “portal to infidelity” for enabling users to reconnect with former lovers. There’s a lot of emphasis on exes. But what about the access social networks can provide to potential new lovers? Features like “People You Might Want to Cheat With Later If Things Aren’t Going So Well” represents a potentially untapped market. For Facebook, we mean.

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