Evil DecorMyEyes Guy Gets Some More of That Bad Publicity He Loves


Vitaly Borker, the psychotic businessman who treated his customers like crap as part of a scheme to manipulate a flaw in Google’s ranking system, has been arrested. Borker, subject of a Times exposé over Thanksgiving, made a habit of harassing and threatening his own customers because he understood that all the bad online reviews actually helped his company show up in search results when people searched for designer glasses. When confronted by the Times, Borker wasn’t ashamed, but proud. “I’ve exploited this opportunity because it works,” he told the paper. “No matter where they post their negative comments, it helps my return on investment.” Yeah … about that investment. It turned out to not be a very good one, because Borker was indicted today on charges with cyberstalking, making interstate threats, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Drinks are on us, karma.

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