FDNY to Charge Extra Fee for Doing FDNY Things


Because getting hurt in a car accident isn’t bad enough — actually, it’s because the city needs money — next year the FDNY is planning to start levying a “crash tax” on motorists they provide with emergency services. Responding to a vehicle fire, or an incident with injuries, is going to cost $490. Just a fire, no injuries, will run you $415. And assistance after an accident involving no fire and no injuries will set you back only $365. But wait, didn’t we already pay for the services of the FDNY when we paid our taxes? Yes, but apparently that system is horribly flawed.

Actually, the fees will be applied to anyone who receives the FDNY’s services after a car accident, regardless of whether or not they were at fault, according to the FDNY’s own proposal. And though Ritea mentions insurance, your insurance is probably not going to pay for this, according to Ellen Melchionni, president of the New York Insurance Association. Plus, without a corresponding tax cut, we don’t see how this actually “relieves pressure” on taxpayers. It’s actually just charging certain taxpayers twice, which is pretty much the opposite of “relieving pressure.”

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