Governor Paterson Not Sure If Albany Is ‘Even Governable’


Governor Paterson believes that his successor, Andrew Cuomo, will have good luck in Albany — as much as anyone can, at least. “He’s doing all the right things. He’s saying all the right things,” Paterson said on WWRL yesterday. “But I don’t think one person can change the way government works right now.” He questioned whether Albany was “even governable” and cautioned everyone to patience. “Before everybody starts blaming him the way they blame me, I want everybody to stop before this governor comes into office and assess what is actually the capacity.” Because if remaining adorable while issuing constant complaints is the most a governor is actually capable of accomplishing, then Cuomo doesn’t stand a chance of doing any better than Paterson.

Lame-duck Gov. David Paterson questions if Albany is ‘even governable’ for Andrew Cuomo [NYDN]