Hillary Clinton Still Incapable of Giving Shermanesque Answer


We at Daily Intel have something of an obsession with Hillary Clinton's well-documented inability to totally and convincingly shut the door on another presidential run in 2016. She once again fell short of a Shermanesque statement in Bahrain today, but only barely.

At a public appearance in Bahrain, Clinton was asked once again whether she might be contemplating a repeat run for president after losing to Barack Obama in 2008.

"No, I'm not," Clinton said. "I think I'll serve as secretary of state as my last public position, and then probably go back to advocacy work, particularly on behalf of women and children."

Her intentions seem clear, but the qualifiers "I think" and "probably" do demonstrate some level of uncertainty. Which is fine. She has every right to keep all her options on the table. What's great is how sneaky she is about it.

Hillary Clinton's next role? Women's advocate [Reuters]