‘I Do Think This Was the Classic Example Where the Prince of Wales Should Have Been Using His Armoured Bentley — It’s Far Less Conspicuous’


That’s former royal-protection officer Ken Wharfe telling the BBC that it was a mistake for Prince Charles of the United Kingdom and his wife, Camilla, to have used their brown limousine to try and skirt riots in London last night. The chaos was caused when thousands of students took to the streets in response to a government move to allow universities to triple tuition fees — to something roughly equivalent to $14,000 a year. Charles and Camilla, on the way to a charity event, were surrounded by a group that spun off from the main protest. Their car was splattered with paint, and the (supposedly bulletproof) back window smashed by a baseball bat — and reportedly, some students chanted “Off with their heads!” This AP photo, snapped by photographer Matt Dunham, is on the cover of practically every British paper today as the country figures out how the man first in line to the throne could have come so close to violence. Royal watchers anticipate that the event will cause a serious security reevaluation of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming wedding.

Could Charles and Camilla Have Been Better Protected? [BBC]