In Hell’s Kitchen, Cost of Blizzard Cleanup Too Much to Bare


It took such a massive confluence of weather, infrastructure failure, and testosterone to create the chaotic situation on 38th Street in Hell’s Kitchen this week that it almost seems like God had a plan. Here’s what’s going on: Starting on Monday, sanitation workers began piling up snow at the intersection of 38th Street and 11th Avenue near a heating device that would melt it away into the sewers. Foot traffic on the street was entirely blocked, both for passersby and for workers whose job was on the block. And what is one of the biggest employers on 38th Street near 11th Avenue? HeadQuarters, the infamous strip joint. Even though the strippers have largely been able to “totter through an arctic winterscape in their stiletto heels,” business has basically been smothered by the snow. “A normal night for us, we can make anywhere from, say, $500 to $1,500,” exotic dancer Amber Tamburi, 22, griped to the Post. “And this week, we’re making nothing.” So what good could God have possibly wanted to come out of this situation? Oh, yeah, for the Post to finally be able to publish the phrase “Massive Mounds Outside Mammary Mecca.” Obviously.

Bad news ‘bares’ [NYP]