Is Hadley Nagel Neither Gwyneth Paltrow Nor James Franco, But Justin Timberlake?


That’s what one trusted Intel source says of the do-gooder debutante featured in this weekend’s “Styles” section. He met her at a party and “wanted to hate her” but discovered that “she was almost unassailably shy, rather sweet, and altogether nervous about starting college that fall.” So what is she to us? “My vote would be Justin Timberlake,” the source theorized. “She does a lot of ridiculous stuff (and being a descendant of someone who signed the Declaration of Independence is the equivalent of starting out in the Mickey Mouse club), but all things considered, she’s probably much smarter and more talented than all of us, and is perhaps the only good-looking wealthy person who deserves everything she’s going to get. Nonetheless, like Justin, she will never, ever be able to live down those origins, not even when she is (inevitably) secretary of State.”

OMG, how great would Justin Timberlake be as Secretary of State? Then he could appoint an ambassador to Iran, and make it Lonely Island! Wait, what were we talking about again?

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