Jets Coach Rex Ryan and His Wife May Star in Online Foot-Fetish Videos


Just as the story about their trainer intentionally tripping an opposing player during a game was dying down, the Jets now have another distraction to deal with as they head toward the playoffs. Deadspin has come across some foot-fetish videos that were originally posted on YouTube from the user “ihaveprettyfeet” and may feature coach Rex Ryan’s wife, Michelle. The evidence?

• The woman looks exactly like Michelle.
• An off-screen voice in one of the videos — “You mind if I touch them? … Can I smell ‘em?” — sounds like Rex Ryan.

And a lot of other stuff!

It gets raunchier too: There’s a profile for an “ihaveprettyfeet” in Ellicott City on the “BDSM and Alternative Lifestyle Personals” website

No judgment here — what two adults do in the privacy of their own home is up to them. And we can’t know for certain whether that’s actually Ryan’s voice and Ryan’s wife. Furthermore, a Jets spokesman will surely just weaken the case with a strong denial.

This is a personal matter? That’s your response? Why not just “no comment”?

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