Jobless College Senior Wins Greatest Giveaway Ever, Irks Mom in Process


Among 15.5 million entries, HGTV randomly picked 21-year-old University of Central Florida student Adam Venckauskas to win a 900-square-foot fully furnished $1.5 million condo at the W New York Hotel in the financial district. Venckauskas, who picked up the deed yesterday during his first-ever trip to New York City, will still have to scrounge together $1,400 a month for maintenance and taxes — and a haircut, at least if he wants to get out in that neighborhood. One of the contestants he beat out for the prize seemed to have conflicting feelings about losing. “I entered in every single day of the contest, and he entered it just once,” said Adam’s mom, Genevieve Venckauskas. “I think I’m off the hook for Adam’s graduation present.”

Guy is home ‘free’! [NYP]