John Mayer Is Available for Parties, Photo Booths


The photos displayed here are from the photo booth at the IAC holiday party last night at the sleek IAC building. For some reason, John Mayer was there. And, apparently, he served as the deadpan backdrop for many a guest’s portraits. After all, who wouldn’t want a picture of himself making out with his girlfriend in front of the guy who called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm”? They let you use shit like that for your New York Times wedding photo nowadays. Mayer was much more charitable with the Daily Beasties and the techies from Barry Diller’s various other companies than another celebrity guest at the party, though: D.J. Samantha Ronson apparently got up with the youngsters and their revelry. At one point, she grouchily tweeted: “Nothing pleases me more than a ‘hipster’ requesting a song I’ve already played. 1. I’m in the loop 2. U have no idea what you’re asking for.” Hear that, people? She’s in looping. It’s sort of like what the Beast’s Tina Brown says about “buzzing,” except with noise-canceling headphones and a scowl.