What We Learned From Julian Assange’s Son’s Twitter


Part of the reason Julian Assange has remained such a mystery to inquiring minds is that all the personal information about him tends to be sourced from people who knew him as either a hacker, a leaker, or an alleged sexual assaulter. There's precious little in the way of personal detail and backstory to fill out the picture. With that in mind, here are some revelations from his 20-year-old son Daniel's recently discovered public Twitter.

1. Like most parents of teenagers, there were times when Julian Assange thought his son was demented.

Father declared me a sociopath, mother thinks I'm a monster and this romantic situation is oh-so-very-uncomfortable. #TweetYour16YearOldSelf

2. Assange's son thinks his father's a little demented, too.

"I think he just has a tendency to follow the path of highest resistance, simply for the sake of defiance."

Something I wrote about my father in 2006. Seems a rather trite understatement now.

3. His son is as wrapped up in the WikiLeaks saga as the rest of us.

Gah, I've accomplished nothing this weekend. Played a tiny bit of Pokémon Ranger and spent the rest reading about #cablegate. x.x

4. His son weighs science over religion.

@profoundlypaige DYLAN MORAN! <3 Yes, I couldn't be of stronger agreement. Faith is by nature antithetical to the refinement of knowledge.

@profoundlypaige *shudders* The Bible Belt is a mythical place whispered of in hushed tones out here. Easy to forget the real people there.

5. His son has a sense of humor. This is not from Twitter, but rather the description on Daniel's website:

Daniel Assange is a 20-year-old human from Melbourne, Australia. He is currently employed as a software developer by the entertaining Noble Samurai, and harbours a spotty academic background in the field of molecular biology with corresponding delusions of potential amateur grandeur. Daniel is an avowed atheist, bisexual, transhumanist, appreciator of Pokémon and a host of other self-identifications that lead elderly conservatives to slowly shake their heads and mutter incoherently about the mounting degradation of moral fortitude in modern society.

Smart, irreverent, transgressive, condescending. Yup, like father like son, just maybe minus the megalomania.

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