Last Night, Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling ‘Devoured’ Each Other


It was all fun and games at the Blue Valentine premiere until the event descended into cannibalism. According to Frank DiGiacomo at the Daily News, the Gossip Girl starlet and the Notebook hunk “practically devoured” each other at last night’s premiere of Gosling’s Blue Valentine. “The actors were so obviously smitten with each other,” DiGiacomo notes, that producer Harvey Weinstein “had to prod his leading man to mingle with other VIPs at the Top of the Standard soiree.” (Two months ago the pair was spotted sharing ice cream at Disneyland, before it was announced that Lively had split from her longtime beau Penn Badgley.) Lively and Gosling briefly held hands at the party and then decamped for dinner together downstairs, all the while sharing “smoldering looks.” Not mentioned, but implied, was the fact that Ryan could not understand a single mumble that came out of Blake’s pouty, marble-mouthed face. Not that such things matter.

No broken hearts here! Blake Lively, Ryan Gosling get cozy in public at premiere of ‘Blue Valentine’ [NYDN