Lindsay Lohan Shows Demi Lovato How It’s Done


While Lindsay Lohan’s been locked up in rehab, 18-year-old Disney star and ex–Jonas brother paramour Demi Lovato has been making a bid for her throne. First there was the dancer Lovato allegedly assaulted and battered, then there was the “treament center” for “emotional and physical issues,” and today a video emerged of someone who sorta looks like her inhaling a line of coke as long as the table. But Lindsay Lohan didn’t get where she is (probation at the Betty Ford Center trying to avoid a second stint in jail) by taking this bad-girl-cry-for-help thing lightly. The Post reports that Lindsay is currently a suspect in a possible criminal battery investigation for pushing a Betty Ford staffer. If charges are pressed and Lohan’s found guilty, she could be sent back to jail for six months for violating her parole. How does one get into this much trouble while already in rehab? Apparently the incident happened after Lindsay and her Betty Ford roommates went to a bar. Boom. Don’t hurt yourself trying to keep up, Lovato. No, seriously, please don’t hurt yourself. You’re 18 and rich and pretty. There are better ways to play this.

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