Lydia Hearst Distancing Herself From Lohan Biopic After Dina Threatens Lawsuit


As we anticipated, Dina Lohan is threatening to sue anyone involved with Dogs in Pocketbooks, a potential movie based on Lindsay Lohan’s life starring socialite Lydia Hearst that screenwriter Charles Casillo is hoping to make. “We have a very strong case. It’s shadowing E*TRADE,” Dina said, referring to her settlement over a commercial about a “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay. Lohan’s family lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, explained: “They are again using [Lindsay’s] likeness without her being compensated.” Shortly after these statements were made, Hearst tweeted, “As for any theatrical roles I am currently filming Two Jacks directed by Bernard Rose. My next project is Catwalk by Tony Hickox. At this time I am not officially signed onto any other projects.” Since Casillo was still in the process of trying to get this movie made, Hearst’s pockets were his best bet, and Dina may now be winning this battle. Which is really too bad! Because maybe Lindsay could have gotten some pocket change and a friendship with Lydia Hearst out of this. After her mom sued. Again.

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[Lydia Hearst/Twitter]
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