Mark Madoff Hadn’t Spoken to His Parents in Two Years


The Journal has more information on Mark Madoff, after his apparent suicide yesterday at age 46, describing a man “unalterably bitter” after his father’s confession that their business had been “one big lie”: He often asked people how a father could do this to his sons, one friend noted, and he hadn’t spoken with either of his parents in two years. Whereas his brother, Andrew Madoff, started biking more and working with his fiancée in her consulting business over the past two years, Mark Madoff “tested the waters for a job, but there were no takers.” Instead, he recently started working on an iPad app that would offer customized information based on a person’s professional interests. A source said that both the brothers were under criminal investigation in recent months, and Mark was “distraught” about reports that suggested he was part of his father’s fraud.

Mark Madoff and the Fraud’s Burden [WSJ]