Man Displays Remarkable Calm While Dropping Off Suitcase With a Body Inside


The source who leaked a surveillance video of a man wheeling a suitcase with the body of Betty Williams, 28, inside told the Post he was appalled at the suspect’s calm. “He’s got a body in his suitcase and he’s just standing there like nothing’s going on,” said the source. “I freaked out when I saw that.” The video shows the man stopping in front of a stoop on East 114th Street and waiting for a moment as a group passes before continuing off camera. “It’s f—ked up. [He’s] just standing there,” said the source. Well, maybe the more f—ked up part is the fact that he might have strangled a lady and a put her in a suitcase, but this is pretty chilling, too. As for Jody White, the passerby who discovered Williams’s body after seeing a leg sticking out, he wishes he had never found it. “I wish I never came across it. It’s the holidays. You don’t want to find a body.” Finding a body? That’s a strictly March-type activity, like after the holiday juggernaut from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day has petered out.

Body-dump fiend caught on camera [NYP]