Man Falls Between Subway and Platform in Union Square, Gets Pinned by Hydraulics


In this week’s issue of New York, we run down our annual list of reasons to love this great city. One of our reasons this year is that, even though several nightmare scenarios have come true for New Yorkers in 2010, we have survived many of them. One can only hope such will also be the case for actor Michael Dion, 41, who yesterday was trapped between a 4 train and one of the hydraulic platform extenders that appear along the curved subway platform in the Union Square station. The Post has chilling pictures of Dion, which we won’t reproduce here, as he stood pinned for 30 minutes waiting for a technician to come and release the hydraulic system to free him. Fellow travelers did their best to help, wedging items between the train and the platform in an effort to ease the pressure, and holding Dion’s hand as he suffered. He was taken to Bellevue, where as of yesterday he was on a ventilator in the surgical intensive-care unit, unconscious but alive.

Horror photos reveal torment of man pinned between 4 train and platform [NYP]