Why Must We Pretend It Is Not Strange When Adult Celebrities Date Underage Celebrities?


It’s time for us to talk about Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift, the latest Jake-plus-famous-blonde coupling to hit the celebrity weeklies. We’ve seen pictures of them walking arm-in-arm with cups of coffee, read about their cup o’ joe dates in Nashville, and even had to hear about how they sipped maple lattes in our own backyard. Why so much coffee, you ask? Because Taylor isn’t old enough to legally drink alcohol. She’ll turn 21 in a week. The very next week, Gyllenhaal will turn 30. If Jake was a real-life friend of yours, you’d probably give him a high five once you heard about his new gal. Then you’d say, “But what the hell do you two talk about?” Because, come on: A 20-year-old? Why, when it comes to celebrities, do we not raise eyebrows at couplings between adults and those under the drinking age — or teenagers, for that matter? Is it because many of them didn’t go to college, so the transition from childhood to adulthood is confusingly blurred? Or is it that, as we’ve long suspected, celebrities have nothing to say, so things like “shared cultural references” don’t matter? Jake and Taylor are cultural references, we suppose. What more do they need? Please click through to see the other adult-teenage couplings that have irked us for the past decade or so.