Mayor Bloomberg Accepts Responsibility for City’s Troubles in Dealing With Storm


Okay, this is a seven-minute video, which is probably too long for you to watch if you are at work. But if you have the time, or even part of the time, it’s an amazing testament to how bonkers it is to try to take care of the largest city in America in times of strife. Mayor Bloomberg, in a press conference at a hardware store in Hunts Point in the South Bronx, discussed exactly where we are in our recovery from the storm. Listening to him rattling off, neighborhood by neighborhood, what’s been done and what needs to be done still is mind-boggling. Seven hundred private laborers were hired yesterday to help with clearing the streets, and 1,200 are at work today. There are still 50 buses stuck in the snow, which is down from a whopping 600 early yesterday. Still, he pledged to have every street in the city plowed by tomorrow morning. “I’m extremely dissatisfied with the way our emergency-response systems performed,” he said, somberly. Over the course of the storm, the city received 49,478 calls to 911, the sixth-largest spurt of 911 calls in history. “Our city is using every single resource at our disposal, and many more that we’ve borrowed and hired, to get the five boroughs back up and running,” Bloomberg promised.