Mitt Romney Spends Leno Appearance Pretending He Hasn’t Decided About 2012


With all the breathless speculation about whether Sarah Palin will decide to run for president or stick with her burgeoning fish-bludgeoning career, we’re getting the feeling that the other soon-to-be candidates are feeling left out. Candidates like Mitt Romney — who is definitely going to run — don’t get the benefit of the “will he or won’t he” attention lavished on Palin on a daily basis. The suspense is what draws people in. But since there is no suspense for Romney, he’s trying to manufacture some. During his appearance on the Tonight Show last night, Romney took great pains to make it seem as if his intentions for 2012 are some kind of secret that he has yet to reveal.

First there was the show’s opening skit 

Then Romney’s saying that he won’t be joining Fox News anytime soon, like all the other prospective Republican candidates …

Then answering a question about “don’t ask, don’t tell” with a quip about his supposedly mysterious 2012 decision 

And finally, equivocating on coming back to the show in the future to “make an announcement” 

Depends on what it is.” Heh. Best joke of the night.