New York’s ‘No. 1 Escort’ Gets Time Served


Natalie McLennan says she was the woman who got Ashley Dupré into the escort business. Her former pimp, Jason Itzler, says she herself was the No. 1 call girl in all New York. And now she can call herself a free woman: A court today sentenced the former New York cover subject to time served in a five-year-old money laundering charge. According to the Post’s math, the twenty minutes it took yesterday to sentence her would have cost the once-$2,000-an-hour call girl about $670. Now, we don’t know what she makes an hour, because even her lawyers don’t know what she does for “gainful employment.” McLennan is living back up in her native Montreal, as immigration officials have barred her from living here. As she left the courtroom, according to the Times, a reporter remarked that her life must not be as exciting as it once was. McLennan winked back: “You don’t know that.” Oh là là!

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Time Served for Woman Once Called ‘No. 1 Escort’
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