Obama Signs Tax Bill, Boehner and Pelosi Conspicuously Absent


This afternoon, President Obama signed the roughly $800 billion tax compromise that he reached with Republicans into law. But somehow, very few Republicans wanted to be photographed standing with him while he did it. Only five showed up to witness the bill, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who made the agreement with Obama, and four representatives. Of the nineteen Democrats who also showed up, several are already headed out of Congress after the midterm elections. Nancy Pelosi, the outgoing House Speaker, and John Boehner, the incoming one, also for some reason didn’t show up. Why didn’t any party leadership other than Mitch McConnell want to have their smiling faces immortalized next to this $800 billion unfunded tax bill? Isn’t everyone talking about how proud they are of it?

Tax Bill Signing Ceremony: McConnell To Show, Pelosi and Boehner To Skip [WSJ]