People Still Not Over That Spouse-Dumping ‘Vows’ Column


The world is still reeling from this weekend's New York Times "Vows" column, which failed to gently disguise the unseemly spouse dumping that preceded the vows in question and instead sort of romanticized the whole thing like some kind of Upper West Side West Side Story (except instead of different ethnic backgrounds, they had different spouses). The groom, John Partilla, expressed regret to the Post that they chose to rub the dumpee's noses in celebrate their newfound happiness in such a public venue, conceding, "I think if we had had an indication afterwards of the nerve it would have struck, we obviously would not have shared our life in any way publicly." How were they supposed to know rewriting the story of two divorces as a fairy tale would hurt anyone's feelings? But the apology came too late for some:

"It's tasteless," celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told us. "Every time you see this preordained, 'love until death do us part' kind of stuff, they'll usually be divorced in two years, until she goes to another party and thunder strikes."

Dear Mr. Celebrity Divorce Lawyer, don't let your delicate sensibilities cause you to shit where you eat. That thunder is your bread and butter.

Hubby would take back 'vow' [NYP]
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