Philip Falcone Assures Us He Has Nothing to Be Worried About


Yes, the SEC is investigating him over the $113 million he borrowed from his company, Harbinger Capital, to make a tax payment; investors have been fleeing the fund; and he recently liquidated a portion of his personal art collection, but Philip Falcone is fine, according to Philip Falcone. “The last thing I’m thinking about in the morning is whether I have a cash-flow problem,” he told the Times. Of course, the billionaire hedge-fund manager could just be bluffing. To find the real truth, you have to scrutinize his person.

Aha! The Arki Busson Bracelets of Nonchalance! Clearly everything is fine in Harbinger-land. Carry on then.

A Brash Bettor Stumbles [NYT]
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