Philip Falcone Assures Us He Has Nothing to Be Worried About


Yes, the SEC is investigating him over the $113 million he borrowed from his company, Harbinger Capital, to make a tax payment; investors have been fleeing the fund; and he recently liquidated a portion of his personal art collection, but Philip Falcone is fine, according to Philip Falcone. “The last thing I’m thinking about in the morning is whether I have a cash-flow problem,” he told the Times. Of course, the billionaire hedge-fund manager could just be bluffing. To find the real truth, you have to scrutinize his person.

Slouched over a chair in a conference room at Harbinger’s spartan Midtown offices this week, Mr. Falcone, 48, hardly looked worried. He wore a rumpled white shirt, opened two buttons down. Beaded bracelets, made by his two daughters, peaked out from his French cuffs.

Aha! The Arki Busson Bracelets of Nonchalance! Clearly everything is fine in Harbinger-land. Carry on then.

A Brash Bettor Stumbles [NYT]
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