Piers Morgan Has Thin Twitter Skin


In the final weeks before his show debuts on CNN on January 17, Piers Morgan apparently has enough time to conduct elaborate, bitter fights over Twitter in front of his 139,000 followers. Last night, when NY1 anchor John Schiumo called Morgan an “ass” over Twitter after Morgan told New Yorkers to “calm down” about the blizzard, Morgan went on the attack. “Sorry Mr Schiumo, but a) I’ve never heard of you and b) I don’t view local news anchors with just 700 followers as rivals,” he tweeted. “When a news anchor’s tweets outnumber his followers, there’s a problem John. A big problem….” Schiumo, who hosts The Call on the local news network, continued to needle Morgan, who volleyed back with eight nasty tweets. “‘Oi beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on,’” Morgan wrote, quoting Shakespeare. “You’re like Stephen Baldwin and Vinny Pastore - they thought they were big shots in NY too until I wiped them in Celeb Apprentice.”

Eventually, Morgan calmed down, even as other Twitterfolks tried to pick their own fights with him. “It would appear that you all WANT me to pick pointless Twitter scraps with nonentities. So normal service resumed. Relax,” he wrote this morning. “Memo to self: must desist from picking aimless Twitter fights with irritating non-entities.” No! No! Don’t stop, Piers. The only thing more fun than watching a huge ego come to grips with the reality of CNN’s low prime-time viewership would be watching a huge ego with thin skin do the same.

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