Police Question Boyfriend in Soho House Death


Police are questioning Nicholas Brooks on the death of his girlfriend Sylvie Cachay in Soho House, but as of this evening, the Times reports, he hasn’t requested the presence of a lawyer. (Interesting, because Brooks, the privileged son of Oscar-winning composer Joseph Brooks, can’t be sweating the retainer.) Brooks, who didn’t return to the couple’s hotel room until after Cachay’s body had been found in CSI-like circumstances by police, told authorities that he had been out to drinks with a man he had just met in the lobby.

Brooks and Cachay’s relationship may have been rocky. Gawker points out that the 24-year-old Brooks’s greatest accomplishment seems to be a starring role in a collection of Facebook photos featuring booze and weed. Cachay, at 33, looks like a different breed — a polyglot, dual-citizen designer who owned her own business. So it’s maybe not surprising that a friend of Cachay’s characterized their two-month-long relationship as “unhealthy” to the Daily News. And it looks like Cachay may have been in the process of breaking it off hours before she died.

There weren’t clear signs of struggle when Cachay was found at 3 a.m. Wednesday, but there were bruises around her collarbone that now have police considering strangulation. Authorities have also noticed Cachay’s singed strands of hair, and a bite mark on her hand. Mysteries. Now it’s up to the medical examiner to determine her cause of death. [NYT, NYDN, Gawker]