Post: There Was a Strategy to the Sanitation Sabotage


The Post seems to be the only paper really chasing down this “sanitation sabotage” story, in which they claim that some cleanup workers were ordered to do a shoddy job by Sanitation Department bosses in order to “send a message” to the city about budget cutbacks. But yesterday Mayor Bloomberg seized upon the tale and questioned it. “I don’t think it took place,” he said, ordering an investigation. “It would be an outrage if it took place.” (Really, sir? Or would it be awesome for you if it took place and there was another scapegoat for the sanitation debacle earlier this week?) Still, the Post continues with its own probe, today reporting that workers who were doing purposefully poor work focused on specific well-heeled neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens — like Borough Park, Dyker Heights, and Queens’ Middle Village — in order to send a message to the powerful pols who represent those areas. But for some reason, the Post reported, the streets on which the officials live themselves were among the first to be cleared.

Sanitation workers targeted specific neighborhoods [NYP]