Republican Congressman Gives Twitter Followers Morse-Code Riddle


What have we here? It’s Republican congressman Greg Walden of Oregon feigning interest in mundane things on his Twitter page, yes. But more to the point, it’s Congressman Walden saying something in Morse code to his 1,860 Twitter followers. The message translates into “WILL CHAIR COMM AND TECH SUB 73S W7EQI” — meaning that Walden has been picked to chair the House Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet. Also, according to a Walden aide, “73s means ‘best regards’ or a similar sign-off. W7eqi is his [amateur radio call sign].” So this is either a clever/nerdy observation about the leaps and bounds that human communication has made over the past 150 years, or a troubling sign that the GOP just chose a Morse-code enthusiast to oversee developments in the Internet.

Rep. Walden uses Morse code to tweet telecom gavel win [Hill]