Dissolution of Perfect Couple’s Marriage Continues


David Rucker — the hedge-fund manager whose wife, meatpacking district enthusiast Lily Shang, filed suit against him claiming he threatened to release a sex tape of them online if she didn't accept a cheapo divorce settlement — seems genuinely befuddled by her accusation, telling the Post:

"I went through all our old e-mails, and there's nothing that can be construed as me trying to release a sex tape. It doesn't make sense. I'm just really confused."

It's possible he said it in person, via text or BBM, but who knows. Meanwhile, Lily is "devastated" by the fact that her tube-topped-bedecked image and questionable ethical statements from her own blog have been picked up by the media, as well as by the sad denouement of her once-promising marriage. "Whatever was done between us was when we were married, when there was that trust," she sighed to the Post of the sex tape the pair created in the early days of their twenty-month marriage. "No one could imagine that such a thing could be broken."

Wife lying about sex-tape threat, husband says [NYP]
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