Sarah Palin Actually Right About One Thing


Yesterday, when Sarah Palin claimed she was being targeted by the WikiLeaks hacktivists for exercising her First Amendment right (she’s a big fan!) to call Julian Assange’s whistle-blowing “espionage,” we were dubious. If they could take down MasterCard and Visa, why was still standing? And why Palin, but not people who currently hold public office like Joe Lieberman or Attorney General Eric Holder, who are leading the charge against WikiLeaks? But, as of this morning, it looks like is down. Since she also claimed they were targeting her and her husband’s credit cards, some ne’er-do-well is probably racking up charges at the Caribou Hunting Emporium as we type.

For those of you that can’t reconcile a topsy-turvy world where Palin’s claims appear to be supported by the facts, we can offer some alternatives. It’s possible that she went maverick and took the site down herself to prove what a threat she is to “sick, un-American” activities. Or alternatively, in her rush to insert herself into the controversy, the hacktivists saw her claims and thought: Hey, there’s an idea! After all, Facebook and Twitter are deleting places for the hacktivists to organize as they find them. There’s also the chance that someone who’s been wanting to hack SarahPAC for a while did it under cover of Anonymous. Which seems the most likely to you?

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