Sarah Palin Kills a Frolicking Caribou on the Arctic Tundra


The fish population of Alaska probably let loose a collective sigh of relief when they found out Sarah Palin was out for heartier kills in this week’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Winter, after all, is approaching in the 49th state, and the Palins need more substantial fare for the onset of the cold, miserable winter — time to hunt some caribou!

Palin heads out with her dad to do some good old-fashioned “fair-chase hunting” — ethical hunting where it’s a lot more old-school and theoretically more humane than, say, shooting wolves from a helicopter. And then, it’s off to wandering the vast tundra with Papa Palin and friend for two days of stalking the caribou, until the gang spots a buck on the horizon. After several failed attempts (Palin’s aim was a bit on the high side), she hits the buck squarely in the chest. They quarter the caribou like Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors, and it’s back to Wasilla for some family fun in how to treat those meaty caribou bits.