Senator Joe Manchin Will Try to Fit Voting for Legislation Into His Busy Schedule From Now On


Where was newly elected West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin over the weekend, when the Senate was taking close, important votes on the DREAM Act and “don’t ask, don’t tell”? In Pittsburgh at a “holiday gathering” with his family. Granted, Manchin’s votes on either bill wouldn’t have been decisive, but still, he just started, and he’s already skipping votes? After coming under fire from constituents, media, and even the usually friendly AFL-CIO — West Virginians are kind of used to the work ethic of the late Robert Byrd, who over the past year of his life was often wheeled, barely alive, into the Senate chamber to cast his vote — Manchin has apologized and promised that in the future he’ll “make any adjustments and all adjustments that need to be made so that it doesn’t happen again.” Manchin added that he’ll “work like the dickens [starting … now].”

Manchin Admits Mistake and Apologizes [Metro News]