Bye-Bye, Bookmarks


In addition to all those layoffs, Yahoo is also cutting some of its services, including Delicious, a bookmarking application founded in New York that helped define how people found, stored, and shared what they liked online. Yahoo acquired the company in 2005, by 2008 it had 5.3 million users, and it is still accessed by 350,000 people a month. Unlike some of the more frivolous social start-ups, Delicious had a practical bent and allowed users to analyze trends in terms of how information was spread online. If you can manage through the Web 2.0 tears, here’s a petition to get Yahoo to keep it around, a way to export your bookmarks, and some solid alternatives. Maybe that whole getting acquired by a major corporation growth strategy isn’t such a great option after all. [ReadWriteWeb, HuffPo]