Spinning Indoor Cycling Chain ‘Ride the Zone’ Sold to Rival


After weeks of negotiation to sell her spinning indoor cycling studio Ride the Zone to trendy Soul Cycle, owner Marion Roaman has turned around and made a deal with a competitor, Flywheel, which will take over her East Hampton, Water Mill and Upper East Side locations. All three spinning indoor cycling studios are celebrity magnets, with Ride the Zone counting Alec Baldwin, Jon Bon Jovi and Matthew Broderick among its members, Soul Cycle attracting Tom Cruise, the Olsen twins, Kelly Ripa and Chelsea Clinton, and Flywheel having seen the taut rear ends of Jimmy Fallon, Ivanka Trump, Katie Couric and Kyra Sedgewick on its bikes.

The buzz began when Hamptonites noticed activity at Ride the Zone’s Water Mill location, which is closed in the off season (East Hampton remains open), and grew to a rumble when the studio closed its location at 201 East 67th St. and some Soul Cycle members began whispering that they would have a new location in the East 60s. But on Christmas Day a deal was signed with Flywheel, and Roaman will join that studio as a master instructor. None of the studio reps would comment on the deal.

Editor’s note: “Spinning” is the vigilantly policed trademark of Mad Dogg Athletics Inc.