Senate Democrats Gain Some New START Support


The New START arms-control treaty moved closer to becoming a reality this evening, after Democrats gained the support of four Republicans. The treaty, which seeks to reduce the nuclear-weapons stockpile of the United States and Russia, should now have the votes needed to overcome a Republican filibuster. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid filed a cloture motion with hopes of having the bill up for a ratification vote on Wednesday, if at least 60 senators vote for cloture on Tuesday. “As we move ahead, I look forward to continuing to debate amendments,” Politico quoted the senator as saying. “But soon this will come down to a simple choice: you either want to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists, or you don’t.” Despite this latest development, the treaty is not a certainty, as Democrats are still short of the 67 votes needed to ensure ratification. [Politico]