Talk Box: Independents Are Just Waiting to Be Triangulated


With an almost inevitable partisan standoff over extending unemployment benefits on the way, cable news turned its focus to the country’s Independent voters and how they’ll react to Senate Republicans’ blood oath not to do anything productive, like extending those unemployment benefits, unless the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy are sorted out first. Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough predicted those flip-floppy Indies who settled on Republicans this time around will turn back to the Dems in two years if benefits aren’t extended in time for Christmas. Former Bush media guru Mark McKinnon told Parker Spitzer that the GOP’s “cracking heads” strategy will definitely work for now, but is a loser in the long run, and on The Daily Rundown, Washington Post columnist Steve Pearlstein said he thinks the whole scenario is a perfect opportunity for Obama to get both sides to attack him on the issue and start triangulating his way to reelection. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.