Top Facebook Status in 2010 an Embarrassment for Humankind


Facebook just released its “memology” report about the top trends in status updates for 2010. Coming out ahead of the expected Bieber-mania (No. 6), Chilean-miner musings (No. 8), and World Cup fever (No. 2), to take the top spot in statuses was: HMU. WTF? For realsies? This is what social media has wrought? The word 500 million people felt most compelled to publicly disseminate to their friends, family, and fifth-grade crush was an initialism for “hit me up” that we’ve never heard of until today? Bemoaning the devolution of our shared language is like getting upset about the passage of time. Still. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. HMU if you feel what we’re saying, dog. [Facebook Blog]