Uma Thurman’s Stalker Extradited to New York


Uma Thurman’s stalker Jack Jordan, who was convicted of harassment back in 2008, was brought back to New York this week after violating an order of protection issued by a judge to protect the actress. In October, Jordan began making menacing phone calls, first to her office, then to her assistant, and then finally to Uma’s personal cell phone. He told her assistant that her Swiss financier boyfriend, Arki Busson, was “not good enough” and “she should marry me.” He’ll likely go to jail for breaking the order of protection — remember, this is no ordinary obsessed fan, this is a scary guy who busted into her trailer once while she was filming in Soho and threatened to kill himself if she didn’t agree to see him. Back in 2008, Uma testified on how terrified he made her. He reportedly even “went berserk” when he was apprehended for this latest crime by cops in Maryland. He’s a scary dude, whether he’s right about Arki or not.

Uma Thurman’s stalker extradited to NY and charged with criminal contempt [NYP]
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