Women on Wall Street Don’t Think They Deserve Big Bonuses


Of the 98 financial-services workers Esquire surveyed about their bonuses this year, most of them were dudes who thought that they deserved more than whatever they're getting. Not so the ladies, most of whom were grateful to be getting bonuses at all.

Of the nine women who received bonuses, five thought they were fair, three thought they deserved more, one thought she deserved less.

As if this wasn't enough evidence of the selflessness and egolessness of womenkind, this is what the highest-paid woman told Esquire when they asked what she planned to spend her windfall on: "Magazines." Amazing! Imagine getting a windfall like that, and giving it all up to charity! Women really should run Wall Street.

The Truth About Wall Street Bonuses in 2010: A Survey [Esquire]